Peter, is your social worker in that horse? (naginis) wrote in movieslims,
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Round #16 - Winner

I've made a huge mistake....
I've somehow missed removing a skip where the winner of the finale did not enter, so they should have been disqualified earlier in the competition. This is entirely my fault, so the only solution I can think of is to make the 2nd place winner tied with the 1st place winner. Hope you're ok with this.

It's time to find out who our Last Icon Maker Standing is!

naive_astronaut and neatmonster!!!!

3rd place goes to:

naive_astronaut: 8
neatmonster: 5
violateraindrop: 1

Thank you so much for participating and voting in this round!

The voting post and the challenge post has been unscreened.
Tags: !results, #16
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