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Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Challenge 01

Posting the first challenge now. The deadline is 1 and a half weeks away, so hopefully we can get some more participants by then. :)

Challenge 01

You can still sign up here until this challenge ends. :)

(click the thumbnails to get original size)

Wonder Woman (2017)

• Make 1 icon using one or more of the provided caps. Blending with screencaps other than the ones provided is not allowed.
• Submit your icon as a comment to this post (comments are screened)
• Do not share your icons anywhere until the results are posted
• Your icon must be new, made for this challenge
• For more rules, check out the profile
• Icons are due Friday, JULY 21st, 9PM GMT+1 (current time)

applepips16 (1)
daleksaresexy (1)
eiremauve (1)
ella_rose88 (2)
emmatheslayer (1)
fyrgevraec (1)
lady_turner (2)
lover_of_narnia (2)
magical_sid (2)
neatmonster (2)
novindalf (2)
peppersaurus (1)

Strikethrough means entered.
Entries: 10/12
Tags: !challenge post, movie: wonder woman (2017), round 19

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