Peter, is your social worker in that horse? (naginis) wrote in movieslims,
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Challenge 09 - The finale

Challenge 09: The Finale

Congratulations to our two finalists, lady_turner and odd_one_around!
This time you will have to make 2 icons.

(click the thumbnail to get original size)

Star Trek: Into Darkness

The second icon is free choice, but it has to be a movie within the fantasy genre.
Please include the name of the movie when you submit. :)

• Make 2 icons using the provided caps. Blending with other caps is ok.
• Submit your icons as a comment to this post (comments are screened)
• Do not share your icons anywhere until the results are posted
• Your icons must be new, made for this challenge
• For more rules, check out the profile
• Icons are due Friday, September 12th, 9PM GMT+1 (current time)


Strikethrough means entered.
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