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movieslims's Journal

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Movie LIMS
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A movie & tv last icon maker standing community

Welome to movieslims!
This is a last icon maker standing icontest where we alter having single movie rounds and tv show rounds.
For every new round, you must sign up if you want to participate. You can sign up until the first challenge closes. Every challenge, 1 or 2 makers will be eliminated, depending on how many participants we have. When the voting goes up, you will vote for your 2 (or 1) least favorite icons, and give constructive criticism on why you are voting for them. Votes like "I don't like blue", or "the texture used is ugly" is not allowed. You must state why and possibly how it can be improved. Also vote for 1 favorite icon as well. Each challenge will also have a people's choice and a mod's choice. You must vote to be eligible for mod's and people's choice. When we get to the finale when only 3 participants are left, you will vote for your favorite icons, and we will have the Last Icon Maker Standing! Everyone who signs up will automatically get 1 skip. You can earn 1 more skip by promoting the community, leave a link to the post when you sign up.

• All icons must be new for this challenge
• You can change your icon as many times as you want before the deadline
• If you do not enter you icon in time, and have no remaining skips, you will be disqualified from the round
• Do not share your icon anywhere until the results have been posted

Have fun! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the page-a-mod post. :)

Previous winners:
Round #01: setentpet
Round #02: sietepecados
Round #03: myneonhearts
Round #04: lady_turner
Round #05: lady_turner
Round #06: lady_turner
Round #07: second_love
Round #08: applepips16
Round #09: neatmonster
Round #10: shameless666
Round #11: neatmonster
Round #12: nadya149
Round #13: akilah92
Round #14: lady_turner
Round #15: neatmonster
Round #16: naive_astronaut and neatmonster
Round #17: lady_kingsley
Round #18: violateraindrop
Round #19: neatmonster
Round #20: hitsuga
Round #21: novindalf
Round #22: neatmonster
Round #23: lady_turner
Round #24: second_love
Round #25: emiels
Round #26: nightbulbs
Round #27: vanessa_lj
Round #28: violateraindrop
Round #29: sietepecados
Round #30: violateraindrop
Round #31: violateraindrop
Round #32: sietepecados
Round #33: shameless666
Round #34: abyss_valkyrie

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